5 Morning Sickness Prevention Tips

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More than 50% of pregnant women go through morning sickness.  Although we cannot say who will and who won’t get sick, there are a few things you can do to help prevent frequent attacks of nausea. 
Be prepared.  Always have a light snack on hand with you wherever you go.  In the car, at work or near your bed.  Sometimes you will get sick because your body has an influx of bile trying to break down a food source that isn’t there.  It may not always sound like a good idea to nibble on something but it just could do the trick!  In addition, being prepared means don’t go too long without food.
Eating frequently.  Small easy meals in addition to snacks are a great way to prevent and combat nausea.  Your body is trying to build and create a life that needs a TON of sustenance.  If there is a lack of food or too much food it can throw your body off.
Eat Slow.  I know it can be hard to eat slow when you are sooooo hungry but trust me.  Your body will thank you for it.
Drink Plenty of Water.  This is a habit you want to start on right away in pregnancy.  Especially if you plan on breastfeeding!  A basic recommendation is to drink 80oz of water a day, but talk to your provider about what is best for you.
Plenty of Rest.  Building another human will take a lot out of you.  So make sure you are resting as much as you can.  The only suggestion I would say NOT TO do is lie down after eating.

Written By Amanda Anderson

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