3 Things you Need to Do While Preparing for Pregnancy

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You and your partner have decided that you would like to have kids.  That is a big step and decision in both of your lives.  You may be wondering – so what is the next step?  Too many people think getting pregnant is as simple as having sex.  However, from personal experience I am here to tell you, that is dead wrong.  There are many things people should do before they start trying to get pregnant.

Set up an appointment with your health care provider.  

BOTH you and your partner should see your provider to discuss any health issues, concerns as to trying to achieve pregnancy.  Do you smoke?  Are you overweight?  Are you on any medication that could hinder a pregnancy?  There are MANY oversights during this phase that should really be addressed before pregnancy.  Your health care provider will have a good overview of your total health and any action plans that need to be taken before conception.

Get into health habits NOW. 

Simple life changes like drinking more water, taking any multivitamins prescribed by your provider and more routine exercise are super important to establish before pregnancy.  Trying to get into the habit of working out when you are exhausted from growing a life makes it 10x more difficult to achieve.  Make it fun for both you and your partner by doing these lifestyle changes together. Hold each other accountable by spending quality time together.


Knowing what you are getting yourself into is a big part of being prepared for pregnancy and parenthood.  Although nothing can fully prepare you for this journey, knowledge is power. 

If pregnancy and your body are completely foreign to you, start by reading this book: Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.  It is personally my favorite.  Other topics to research and talk about with your partner are (Note – some of these are topics I have already covered in other blog posts and infographics):

  • Difference Between a Doula, Midwife & OBGYN
  • Your Opinion on Circumcision & Vaccines
  • Where you would like to give birth (home, freestanding birth center or hospital)
  • Financials.  Will both parents work out of the home or will someone stay home?  Will daycare be needed?
  • Do you plan on Breastfeeding?
Start with these three things now and digest it. Because once you start, you will be diving into a rabbit hole of information. If you have any questions or need some guidance please feel free to reach out! Disclaimer I am NOT a fertility specialist but I might be able to help talk you through the process of how to find evidence based information as well as local recourses.

Written By Amanda Anderson

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